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About Us

FSEND.net is a large file sending service.
This site is developed/operated by people who think easy and free file sending service is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) I could not send the file
It's possible that the file is too big, the browser is not supported, or network is busy. Please try to send a small faile with the Internet Explore and FireFox.

(Q) Do you send the AD for the email address I enter?
FSEND.net will not send AD mails. (There can be Ads on a service mail like file received notice mail)

(Q) Do you give the Email address I use here to others or third parties?
FSEND.net wil not sell, share or give the email address to third parties or use it for other purposes.
We will disclose any information about you and your data to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we belive necessary to respond to claims and legal process, and we will disclose any information about you with your agreement.

(Q) The file I sent is safe?
FSEND.net takes care of all your files very carefully in order for your data to remain safe and secure all the time. It is always good idea to protect your data with password, and you acknowlege that you use this service at your own risk.

(Q) Is it O.K. that I post the article about FSEND.net on my blog or magazines?
Yes, please do it. You don't need inform or report to do so. If you post it on a magazine, you don't need to send any samples. If you put the link on your web page, link the top page(http://fsend.net/).